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A July of James

After finishing my last Bible reading plan, I felt a little lost. Having followed a certain pattern for so long, it was hard to decide what to read next and how to go about it. I've really been loving the chronological Bible read-through and definitely plan to do it again, but I thought I'd take a break and try something different, something that requires me to study the Word more deeply, and helps me to meditate on God's truths.

My mom suggested choosing a book to focus on, and my younger brother led me to James. It's a powerful book spilling over with wisdom, and the moment I began I recognized the potential for a blog series!

I'm working through the first chapter as a word study, a dictionary on hand to look up official definitions of those words we tend to gloss over or completely overlook. It's amazing how much I've learned through those words and their meanings, and how God has opened my eyes to new truths through the simple definitions of the language.

It's a pretty epic combination—the book of words and the book of the Word—and I'm so very excited to share it with my readers this July of James!

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