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A Journey to Something Different . . . and How It Changed Me ***Blog Tour***

"Do not allow fear to lead you. It will never take you where you need to go."

H.A. Pruitt's Anelthalien brims with wisdom for all walks of life, but it is these words more than anything that, for me, made this incredible story sing.

Anelthalien is classic yet fresh, familiar yet different, young yet old. As the story of four teens called to a faraway world by a purpose they don't understand, it calls us to take up the purpose our Creator gives us, and to do it with courage. It challenges us to reach for the unreachable—the people who choose the fringes because they feel the world has pushed them there. It teaches us to be selfless, to have faith, to boldly proclaim what the world needs to hear even when no one wants to hear it.

Through Kindle, Andrew, Ella, and Tad, we come face to face with our own life adventures . . . and what we're doing with them. For better or worse.

I could fill page upon page with the importance of each of H.A. Pruitt's four heroes, but at the end of the day, my strongest feelings surround the one character that resonated most with me. A girl who feels so ordinary she would re-invent herself if she could, until her adventure finally comes and all she wants is to go back to what she knows. To stay where it's safe. To surrender to her fear of the unknown.

That is me. In that way, Kindle is me. And when wise Azildor spoke the words with which this post began, I felt it like a personal directive from above. God Himself saying, Stop living like a puppet on the strings of your fear. I have a destination in mind for you, and fear won't get you there. Cut the strings and do what you know you need to do. Trust me with the rest.

Azildor's words—H.A. Pruitt's words—weave more than just a beginning, middle, and end. They are truth. They sing with truth. They have pushed me to be braver. They inspire me to do more.

And I can't wait to follow them to the last word of this powerful, meaningful saga.

Find H.A. Pruitt on Instagram (@hapruitt) and on her website for more about Anelthalien and its upcoming sequel, Earth Quaking—releasing for sale on June 30th! Mark your calendars, y'all!

Be sure to check out the other amazing members of this blog tour as well: 21:25 Books, @ericarichardsonauthor, and Effie Joe Stock. Their insights are fabulous, and it has been such an honour to join them on this blog journey to Anelthalien!

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